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Sanad minhaj

The "Sanad Minhaj" program offers the theoretical material for the rules of recitation and Tajweed. It provides a self-learning journey through the theoretical curriculum of recitation and Tajweed, prepared by the scholarly team of the Sanad Platform. The curriculum includes a phased, progressive system that takes individual differences into account and presents educational content in various forms: written, visual, and auditory. This approach facilitates the learner's journey in mastering the recitation of the Book of Allah, the Almighty.


Program features

Educational content designed for self-learning without a teacher.

A scientific and systematic progression that takes individual differences into account.

Diverse content in terms of presentation methods.

Periodic tests to review and reinforce the material.

Detailed and specialized educational content for each of the ten Mutawatir Quranic recitations.

Program outputs

Understanding the theoretical material of Tajweed, encompassing all aspects of this science.

An accredited scientific certificate in the theoretical material of Tajweed, certified by the platform’s Scholarly Council.

Conditions for joining

The applicant must not be less than 13 years old

Distinguishing and pronouncing Arabic letters and diacritics.

Forms of scientific content

Text material

A complete and detailed explanation of all Tajweed lessons, with illustrative pictures built in a specialized, scientific manner.

Conceptual map

A mind map of the most important items of the lesson content, to assist in the review process and the overall view of the scientific content.

Evaluative questions

A knowledge test at the end of each lesson aims to review information and ensure understanding and is considered a condition for achievement and progress.

Application video

A brief applied video aimed at facilitating the learning process and delivering the lesson content in an attractive and entertaining manner.

Quranic examples

A review of a group of Qur’anic examples related to the lesson, with the ability to click and listen to the typical reading.


The subscriber chooses the reading times that suit him; So that the schedule of times available for reciters is shown to him, and he chooses from it what suits him.

The number of weekly sessions is one session as a minimum, and there is no upper limit, and the duration of one session is (50) minutes.

In one session, the participant reads an average of (10) pages of the Holy Qur’an, with the possibility of increasing that, provided that he is precise and proficient.

The number of sessions to complete the mastery seal is a maximum of (60) sessions, and there is no minimum number of sessions, provided that there is control and mastery.

Yes, the subscriber has the opportunity to add other reading sessions other than the sessions scheduled for him weekly, and this is done in coordination with the reciter and with his approval.

Yes, the reading sessions are fully audio and video recorded; With the aim of benefiting the reader and the recited by referring to the recorded archive, in addition to the purposes of quality control and scientific follow-up of the supervision department, noting that the person responsible for following up these recordings is the platform’s supervision department, separately for males and females.

The duration of the first evaluation session is a quarter of an hour. It is an individual session conducted with a certified reciter for evaluation on the platform. During the session, the applicant reads pages from the Holy Qur’an, with the aim of evaluating the recitation performance and the extent to which the rules of intonation are controlled in practice. To successfully pass the evaluation, it is required to pronounce the Arabic letters and vowels correctly. And controlling the rulings of the Nun, the Meem, and the rulings of the Maddaw.

The result of the evaluation session arrives via personal email two days after the test, and is presented to the platform’s supervisory committee, which makes its recommendation based on the criteria approved by the platform’s Scientific Council.